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  • Date 09/15/2022
  • Client: Rijnstate

PowiDian Energy collaborates with Rijnstate to set up the first hydrogen station in a European healthcare facility

Client’s needs

Rijnstate specializes in building and managing hospitals in the Netherlands. The company was created in 2001 as a collaboration between Ziekenhuis Rijnstate in Arnhem, Ziekenhuis Velp, Ziekenhuis Zevenaar, and two other local nursing homes. As a result of the merger of three Arnhem hospitals, Rijnstate Arnhem is now the biggest general hospital in the region. 


In the context of the Netherlands Green Deal to promote the country’s energy transition, Rijnstate has now launched the construction of a new clinic: Rijnstate-Elst. Ensuring the building’s high-energy, self-sufficiency rate is an integral part of its design.


This project upholds the Group’s ambitious objectives in terms of sustainable development, through the construction of buildings that are as carbon neutral as possible:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 49% by 2030.
  • Be totally carbon neutral by 2050.



Specific challenges

All equipment had to comply with high-safety and reliability standards expected in a hospital environment.



PowiDian Energy solution

To meet the Rijnstate-Elst hospital’s needs, the installation will combine:

  • 4-tube heat pumps for heating and cooling purposes.
  • A 100-kW electrolyzer powered by a photovoltaic plant located on the hospital roof.
  • A hydrogen storage capacity of 200 kg.
  • A 100-kW fuel cell.

In order to optimize energy efficiency of the overall system, the device will use heat produced by the fuel cell to help produce the heat required for operating the building.

Strong points

Fume control

No CO2 emitted
by PowiDian
Hydrogen-powered station.

Noise control

The hydrogen-powered station
will not interfere with
its environment.

Renewable energy storage

The excess energy produced
by the solar plant will be
stored for later use.

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