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  • Date 09/15/2022
  • Client: CNES (National Center for Space Studies)

PowiDian Energy hydrogen station now in charge of Guiana Space Center electrical backup

Client’s needs

The European Space Agency (ESA) has commissioned CNES to manage the Guiana Space Center infrastructures in Kourou. The facility is the largest energy user in French Guiana, accounting for 25 to 30% of the country’s total consumption.

The CNES and ESA would like the Guiana Space Center to actively take part in Guiana’s energy sobriety and transition.

Manufacturing and launching operations at the GSC, however, demand a perfectly stable electrical power supply: each building includes a backup solution combining an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and a fuel generator.

The CNES contacted PowiDian to replace the center’s current backup solution with a hydrogen-based solution in order to reduce CO2 emissions. This objective is the first step in a more ambitious project: by 2025, the CNES would like the Space Center to produce its own green hydrogen.



Specific challenges

To account for the specific needs of space applications, our teams have modified the SSPAC 100 system’s architecture in order to prevent any power outages in buildings.

In addition, Guiana’s hot and humid climate can be challenging. Local fauna can also disrupt or damage the equipment.



PowiDian solution

To provide the CNES with a bespoke solution, PowiDian teams have transformed the SSPAC 100 to integrate a battery stage and a permanent power supply. The reconfigured system ensures uninterrupted load supply.

The external structure has also been redesigned with CNES environmental experts in order to withstand aggressive weather conditions and damage risks from local fauna.

Strong points

Fume control

The system drastically
reduces the need
for backup fuel generators.

Cost reduction

Lower frequency
of battery replacement
vs. current solution

“This project, which is related to our other projects in French Guiana, greatly helped us to fully grasp the climate-related risks to our equipment in such a setting. The demand for excellence from our contractor in the space industry made for an enriching experience for the entire project team.”


Jean-Emmanuel Boucher

Commercial Director


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