Happy New Year :

Year 2021 ends with a lot of customer achievements, new generators in our catalog and a new activity in mobility with the launch of electric & hydrogen vehicules!

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Trophee COP21WINNER at COP21! Trophee COP21

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MobHyl Power :

the latest innovation from PowiDian, a zero emission generator

PowiDian accelerates its development strategy about energy production solutions for the future. A real alternative to polluting and noisy diesel generators.


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Intelligent green energy stations

PowiDian develops, installs and maintains intelligent autonomous energy stations that provide electricity at all times at the best possible cost, without pollution.
Thanks to a patented open architecture, each station is optimised for your own needs based on your constraints. They are modular to allow a wide choice of configurations. Any source of renewable energy can be managed as well as the different forms of short term and long term storage. Our stations are controlled by advanced software that ensures reliability, long life and a secure remote management.
Power from 100W to over 200kW

Discover SAGES, our Smart Autonomous Green Energy System and all its benefits >

This video explains how our advantaged SAGES works and the problems it can solve and the benefits that it will bring to the clients.

In June 2015 the refuge of the Col du Palet in France became self-sufficient and autonomous in energy with a PowiDian station.


SAGES Solutions

3 solutions – modular and scalable to suit your situation

Stand alone energy station

Provides complete independence from the grid for isolated sites. >

Mobile energy

Space efficient and light; ideal when access to the grid is not possible. >

Back up energy

Ideal for sites where loss of power is not an option. >


From -40° Greenland to scorching heat, we have a bespoke solution for you.


SAGES is addressing the drawbacks of traditional fuel generators and taking the green solution to the next level. Through intelligent self-learning, our bespoke IT software optimises energy availability and reliability …


Scalable configuration capable of integrating existing equipment, even diesel generators, for a truly hybrid solution.

Minimum maintenance

The on-site production and storage of energy eliminate any logistical needs around refuelling.

Only one maintenance a year.

Long life

Remote management software and equipment that has been tested in the most extreme conditions, ensure the reliability of the station. Outstanding life of 15 years.   

Return on Investment

It is possible to demonstrate the Return on Investment on a case by case basis, thanks to low running costs, almost free renewable energy and reduced logistical and maintenance costs.

“Powidian provides a unique opportunity for us to invest in a company that is taking a leading role in driving change in the industry and the future of how energy is managed”

Jacques Simonnet, President XERYS

“In the fast moving area of reliable energy solutions, Powidian is our strategic partner with their integrated approach combining intelligent software and advanced storage.”

Denis Gardin Senior Vice-President Airbus Group Corporate Technical Office


The hydrogen event for energy, industry and mobility, a unique event in France! The event will take place on October, 27th and 28th, 2021...

Interview PowiDian aux ElectricDays

PowiDian aux ElectricDays le 10 octobre 2018. Interview de Jean-Emmanuel Boucher sur l'installation de notre station de production autonome d'électricité à Mafate à...