Pushing humankind forward

Using hydrogen to bring energy where it's needed with generators, power stations and refueling stations for mobility solutions.

Pushing humankind forward

Who we are
Energy going in the right direction
Energy should be part of the
solution, not the problem.
Whether it's through our power stations or our generators, our company is driven by a common vision: innovation should help restore, not threaten, the energy balance.
Power in motion
Expert solutions

Harnessing hydrogen's power into sustainable solutions

  • Back-up
  • Temporary sites
  • Carbon footprint

    Enjoy power autonomy without
    continuity issues

    Some locations are too remote or not populated enough to be on the grid. Juggling between intermittent renewable energy production and polluting fuel generators has long been the only affordable way. It is no longer true.

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  • Back-up

    Protect strategical services from power cuts

    Are your services just too vital to take a chance? Our hydrogen back-up stations are highly reliable and highly surpass with fuel-based solutions. You can be safe and sustainable, supported by a bespoke PowiDian Energy station.

  • Temporary sites

    Bring sustainable energy wherever you need it

    If you need to provide power for a given period of time on a given site, our reliable, cost-efficient solutions will increase your self-sufficiency from eight hours to two days in comparison with a fuel generator.

  • Carbon footprint

    Make a difference with hydrogen technology solutions

    In the world we live in, Corporate Social Responsibility is something every company needs to address. If your activity involves fuel-based generators or vehicles, we can help you adopt better options for the environment.

Smarter energy
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M110 joins our range of zero emission generators

The new PowiDian Energy MobHyl Power generator is suitable for (sub-zero) temperatures down to -20°C and features instant start-up and responsiveness. Delivering 110 kVA power through safe and proven technology, M110 also comes with a lifespan at least twice as long as conventional generators thanks to a fuel cell originally developed for heavy mobility.

Energy management stations
The energy storage revolution
Store energy, the challenge of tomorrow.
PowiDian Energy designs solutions to answer the storage problem of renewable energies, an important lever for the energy transition.
Save energy

Need storage or energy autonomy?

Solutions for energy storage

PowiDian Energy offers a multi-technology system meeting the various needs for storing energy from a renewable source (photovoltaic, wind power, etc.) to preserve and subsequently use this energy. Our solutions based on hydrogen technologies can be used for hydrogen production, electricity production, heat supply, fuel for mobility and energy long-term storage. For other needs, battery storage is offered. PowiDian Energy thus meets the energy needs of isolated sites, eco-neighbourhoods, eco-buildings and green transport.
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