PowiDian is involved in the alternative power grid solutions of Europe

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  • Date 11/30/2018
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European project « REMOTE »: Powidian selected to bring energy independence to Froan Islands (Norway) with a microgrid setup and hydrogen chain

PowiDian will deploy a fully autonomous system to supply reliable and green electric power to the four Norwegian Islands of Froan, in association with the consortium composed of Ballard, Hydrogenics and Tronder Energi.


An ecological solution to the electrical dependence from the continent

The four islands are interconnected with their local power grid that is reaching the end of its useful life and whose replacement cost, within five years, would very expensive.


The consortium has proposed a competitive solution combining renewable energy sources and storage. Primary sources, solar and wind, will be associated with hydrogen storage in order to become  fully independent, 100% carbon-free and at a competitive cost. 


These islands are natural reserves the protection of flora and fauna, habitat conservation and breeding areas, especially for birds and seals of the region. 

These islands sheltered about 200 residents and two fishing ports. Today the main sources of income come from summer tourism and year-round fishing activities, including a fish farm.



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