PowiDian intensifies its industrial development !

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  • Date 08/21/2019
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The « hydrogen » platform is fully operational

This 1800m² platform is equipped with a 70kWp photovoltaic field combined with a configurable test and system validation infrastructure. It enables the implementation of all types of hydrogen equipment and innovative storage technologies in real conditions (microgrids, zero-emission generators, autonomous energy for buildings or isolated sites) and to increase our lead in energy transition. 


In addition, PowiDian’s buildings, connected to this platform, benefit from total electrical autonomy thanks to hydrogen. 


Currently, the projects below are in the testing and validation phase before their installation: 

  • European FCHJU REMOTE: total autonomy of the Norwegian Froan Islands.
  • L’île Glorieuse (French Southern and Antarctic Territories): replacement of the diesel generator set by a clean solution for the Ministry of the Armed Forces.
  • The MobHyl Power® range: “zero emission” generators from 4 to 100 kW.


In September, this platform will be inaugurated. An opportunity for PowiDian to present its know-how.

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