PowiDian has just signed a contract with Galéo Promotion

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  • Date 05/15/2017
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PowiDian will supply the hydrogen production and storage station for the first energy self-sufficient building in the Nantes metropolitan.

PowiDian, the energy autonomy specialist, has just signed a contract with Galéo Promotion, contracting authority for the Delta Green program.


This contract concerns the supply of an energy production and storage station in the form of hydrogen for the Delta Green positive energy tertiary building, the first energy self-sufficient building in the Nantes metropolitan area. It will offer, on the Parc d’Ar Mor in St Herblain (44), 4600 m2 of platforms on four levels at the beginning of 2017.


 The strong idea of the Delta Green program is to develop a truly energy-efficient building capable of storing on site, in the form of hydrogen, part of the energy produced by photovoltaic panels. This innovative program incorporates new technologies right from its design, making it possible to move towards real energy autonomy for the building.


The Delta Green building is based on 4 pillars:

  • AVOID: consuming energy by reducing consumption as much as possible.
  • PRODUCE: more energy than is consumed by the building.
  • STORAGE: partly the energy produced to reuse it during periods of energy deficit.
  • USE: raise awareness among occupants so that they become aware of the energy impact of their behavior.


PowiDian’s SAGES® (Smart Autonomous Green Energy System) solution will store part of the solar energy produced to restore it later at the appropriate time:

  • During periods of photovoltaic overproduction, SAGES® stores excess energy by producing hydrogen on site, stored in tanks.
  • In times of energy deficit, the SAGES® system supplies the building via a fuel cell and voltage converter assembly.


SAGES® is a natively scalable solution that immediately accepts 4 times greater power.

All of the station’s equipment will be automatically controlled by an intelligent control module and the secure transfer of information will make it possible to remotely monitor all the indicators to anticipate any maintenance actions.


This building is a continuation of projects already completed: the Nave in Tours and the Halles Pajol in Paris, which are Positive Energy Buildings operational since 2013 and 2014.


But on Delta Green, the concept is taken even further thanks to PowiDian technology, which brings the innovation of storing excess photovoltaic energy in the form of hydrogen.


The objective on Delta Green is to potentially be able to “disconnect” the building from the EDF network in the long term. 


According to Pierre Langer, co-Founder and President of PowiDian, the deployment of Positive Energy Buildings of the Delta Green type associated with PowiDian’s SAGES® technology has a bright future. This very important step forward in terms of energy saving will be even faster with the entry into force of the RT2020 regulations.


About PowiDian : 

PowiDian is a start-up resulting from a spin-off from the Airbus Group. With 10 M€ invested in 4 years of R&D, mastering breakthrough technologies, it designs autonomous electricity production stations using all types of renewable energies and implementing intelligent storage (lithium-ion batteries and/or hydrogen). Designed for isolated sites or eco-constructions, they provide reliable, non-polluting electricity. PowiDian, awarded the COP 21 trophy, already has prestigious clients such as EDF, the Vanoise National Park, the National Gendarmerie, the Direction Générale de l’Armement, the French Air Force.


About Galéo : 

Galéo is a promoter who has specialized for 14 years in carrying and setting up operations for professionals (tertiary buildings, factories and business premises, retail, etc.). Since early 2016, Galéo has extended its fields of intervention to collective housing. Creativity, Innovation, Environment and Energy remain the link between these two departments.


Contacts : 

Powidian : Sylvain Charrier, Tél : 07 86 71 43 49 Courriel :
Galeo : Alain Raguideau, Tél : 02 40 85 00 00 Courriel : 

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