How to decarbonize the healthcare sector with hydrogen

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  • Date 11/15/2022
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La Ville-aux-Dames (France), November 15 2022 – All healthcare actors in the Netherlands and the Dutch government have signed a “Green Deal” aiming to decarbonize the healthcare sector. The main objective is to have 49% of green energy until 2030 and 95% by 2050. Rijnstate Hospital (Netherlands) has launched the construction of a new clinic in Elst (Netherlands) taking into consideration these new challenges.


Since March 2022, PowiDian – a French company specializing in hydrogen technologies – has been supporting Rijnstate Hospital through the supply of a complete Hydrogen Station.
This station will include a 100kW Fuel Cell, a 20 Nm3/h Electrolyser, and 2 tanks for a total storage capacity of 200kg of hydrogen.


By coupling its station to the 2,300m2 photovoltaic plant, PowiDian will store locally the excess energy produced during the day, to reuse it when solar production will no longer be sufficient.
In addition to its power supply, the building will also benefit from the full recovery of system’s fatal heat for its hot water network, thus reducing almost all system energy losses.


The combination «Renewable Energy + Hydrogen Station» will cover up to 60% of the energy demand. With Dutch electricity, generating an average of 0.315 kg of CO2 per kilowatt-hour consumed, the estimated reduction would be 2,000,000 kg of CO2 in 15 years.


In May 2022, PowiDian delivered its first tank, offering at the same time local and national visibility on this project, and thus new opportunities at the same scale.


Hydrogen is therefore entering into sustainable solutions to decarbonize the healthcare sector, as Willem-Jan Hanegraaf, real estate and facilities Director at Rijnstate Hospital, points out: “The realization of the Hydrogen plant is a big step in our ambition to reduce at least 50% of our carbon emission in 2030 and become carbon neutral for this new location. As well as it is a crucial step to become less independent of the electricity grid”.


Next phase mid-2023 for the commissioning of the hydrogen station.


Adaptable to all buildings requiring a large amount of electrical and thermal energy, this industrial setup makes it possible to significantly reduce their carbon impacts and their energy bills.


About Powidian: As Airbus spin-off in 2014, Powidian is a pioneer in mobility and hydrogen services. With its unique know-how and experience, the Group has been committed since its creation to the decarbonization of energy storage and light mobility with solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of a fast-growing French and European market. As a leading French Greentech, PowiDian designs, manufactures, deploys and maintains low-carbon energy distribution solutions through its activities dedicated to stationary or mobile hydrogen generators.

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