Our energy solutions are developed to deliver the highest standards of reliability to suit the most demanding and sometimes life-threatening situations. From a small project to the biggest, our levels of quality and reliability remain the same.

Private sector

We can help you achieve greater operational and financial efficiency for your business whilst improving your green footprint.

  • Powering GSM base stations
  • Oil / Gas pipeline remote sensing
  • Security
  • Remote hotels
  • Airport energy back up
  • Harbor surveillance
  • Banks
  • Research centers

Public sector

We can help you achieve extremely high levels of reliability whatever the scale of your requirements.

  • Secure radio
  • Army base camp
  • Hospital back up power
  • Border control
  • Flood warning sensor
  • Weather stations
  • Disaster recovery
  • Coast surveillance


We can help you deliver outstanding human and technical assistance to the people who need it.

  • Mobile hospitals
  • Refugee camps
  • Village water pumping
  • Connecting isolated villages
  • Electricity into schools

Private users

We can help you find the right solution to achieve the self-sufficient off-grid lifestyle you’re looking for.

  • House
  • Isolated house
  • Island
  • High altitudes refuge
  • Green house
  • Protected site installation

Our solutions in action

In June 2015, the Col du Palet refuge will go through an amazing transformation. The hikers and the caretaker will be able to use renewable energy whatever the weather, thanks to Hydrogen energy storage.

The system uses photovoltaic solar panels that are connected to converters to store in a battery for daily use. Any excess energy and energy produced during the closed season is stored in hydrogen to be used during the open season. It comprises of a 500 NL/h electrolyzer to convert energy to Hydrogen , a 2.5kW fuel cell and a medium pressure hydrogen storage unit.  5KG of Hydrogen will be produced during the closed season.  The hydrogen installation is stored in a 9m2 cabinet that is insulated and ventilated to cope with the winter conditions.