Our solutions

Our solutions guarantee reliable and competitive electricity by intelligently using storage technologies and renewable energies : « electricity anywhere anytime ».


(Smart Autonomous Green Energy System)

PowiDian has launched SAGES, a non-polluting energy station that is modular, scalable and shaped to your needs. Depending on your location, your consumption profile, your constraints from weight, volume and environment; our advanced system will configure the best solution and equipment for you.

3 modular stations depending on your need: back up, stand alone and mobile.

A station typically includes :

  • One or more energy producing units (solar panel, wind turbine, marine turbine, geothermal, diesel generator, etc.).
  • An energy workshop managing the cohabitation and reliability of the different types of AC or DC power.
  • One or more batteries, lead or more advanced (lithium-ion, redflow) to manage the short term storage (1 to 2 days) and to act as a buffer.
  • Integrated hydrogen chain providing unlimited long term storage : electrolyser, fuel cell, storage in bottles, tanks or metal hydrides.
  • Remote management software that can control all aspects of the station and optimises the performance thanks to prediction, self-learning and simulation algorithms.
  • If necessary, a secure, weatherproof and watertight cabinet to store some of the equipment without need of air conditioning.


SAGES offers truly reliable, safe, continuous, affordable energy.

Integration + Intelligence

Powidian selects the best hardware in the market for any given situation – using solely green energy or hybrid solutions that improve the performance of fuel generators. We are not tied to any product or manufacturer. Our only limit is what the market invents. We offer true objectivity when studying your requirement and solution. We will make the most of your geographical situation to offer all possible green energy sources, from sun and wind to bioenergy and water. There is no energy we cannot utilize in our stations.

Our ability to integrate the best of the hardware combined with our intelligent IT management sets us apart in the market. We can create stations with greater benefits.

“fuel generators either waste or do not provide enough energy; they are never optimum”

The benefits of our green energy stations

Addressing the drawbacks of
traditional fuel generators

  • No wasted energy : excess energy is stored for future use so you can rely on energy at all times. Fuel generators often produce more than needed, wasting fuel and the excess energy created is not stored.
  • Self-sufficient without sun or wind thanks to long term hydrogen storage
  • Longer self-sufficiency for back up units (typically over 2 days, less than 8 hours for fuel generators)
  • More reliable: lots of moving parts make fuel generators prone to issues and operate at 95% availability, not enough when reliability is critical
  • No fuel needed, no fuel transport costs or fuel and maintenance staff
  • No air pollution, no transport pollution, no noise, no risk of diesel spilling
  • Longer life (over 15 years vs 2-3 years for fuel generators)
  • Suited to extreme conditions: from Greenland -40° to scorching heat. Fuel generators’ lives are shortened in difficult conditions.
  • No power minimum or limit, from 100W to over 200KW, each site has a solution we can scale up for. Fuel generators are standardised and either waste or do not provide enough power.
  • Modular and scalable to suit all sizes of projects
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Maintenance required only once a year for the whole installation. No multiple costly site visits and parts changing. Fuel generators need maintenance every 150-200 running hours.
  • Warranty up to 15 years

Taking the green solution to another level of intelligence

  • Our software learns so based on the unique requirements of the site it optimises production, consumption and storage.
  • Remotely monitors and manages sub parts to identify and rectify issues to increase life span.
  • Data management through secure private VPN (no public cloud) across multiple manufacturers.
  • True independence when selecting the best hardware for your situation.
  • Wide choice of energy sources to suit your site.
  • Ability to modify, scale up or integrate new hardware innovations.
  • Available as back up, mobile unit or permanent on site station.
  • We can work with your existing hardware if you have one to create a Hybrid solution that will improve its performance and lifespan.

The solutions of the past are no longer enough:

Over 90% of generators are fuel powered and damaging to the environment. We are the alternative. Fuel generators are famous for being unreliable, costly to run and damaging to the environment. Their lower initial set up cost is a false economy for the client and for the environment. There is no site on our planet where green energy cannot be used to create your own autonomous energy. With the ability of our green station to store energy for a long time, continuous energy is now reliable even if the wind goes drops…

Contact us to see how we can help you make the energy transition intelligently. We will analyse your site, its strengths and constraints and can propose a bespoke solution for you.

Find out how you can trade in your traditional fuel generator and switch to SAGES solution.

Quick Return on Investment:

ROI can be achieved within 2 years.

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that is taking into account acquisition and running costs shows a clear and fast advantage for our SAGES stations.



The future

Hydrogen is a key part of the future of energy storage: Natural, effectively limitless scale, with no negative impact; it allows the storage of energy for a very long time. This allows green energy to be the most reliable and efficient form of energy available today.

Powidian has worked with hydrogen from the beginning and has put many resources and efforts in to managing it and integrate it with its software.


How it started for Powidian at Airbus Defence & Space:

The two founders of Powidian met whilst working at Cassidian (now Airbus). Searching for reliable autonomous energy solutions for isolated sites, for example to power secure radio and remote sensors, they found none that met their strict criteria or were reliable enough. Traditional fuel generators were famously unreliable and costly to run. A project was initiated to develop a green, affordable and reliable solution. This project is now a reality in the shape of the Powidian company.

Whether your objective is ultimate reliability, to reduce your current C02 emissions or cost reduction.