Energy stations

3 energy stations to meet different needs: stand alone, mobile or back up

100% Off grid stand alone system

Ideal for powering a site off-grid where energy self-sufficiency is required. Stations are fully modular to meet your power needs, weather conditions and space constraints.

  • Typical applications : PMR base stations, boarder control, GSM / 4G / LTE base stations, remote village, army base, research base, remote harbor, refugee camp, remote sensor.


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Mobile unit

Ideal for on the go operations where connection to the grid is not possible. Space efficient and light, it offers self-sufficiency for two days vs 8 hours for a traditional fuel generator.

  • Typical applications : in field use, natural disasters (earthquake, forest fire…), emergency service, remote radar, mobile base station, NGO operation


Back up station

Ideal when the grid is not reliable. This back up station is connected to the electricity grid and will take over if the grid fails.

  • Typical applications : hospital, bank, remote sensor, border control, telecom site, field research center, airport


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Whether your objective is ultimate reliability, to reduce your current C02 emissions, cost reduction or to minimise logistical maintenance when time is precious, we can help you