Components & services for renewable energy stations

Our experts design and select the best components on the market for our stations, components also available on request. Contact us for a quote.

Solar panels

We offer two types of solar panels:

Semi-flexible – using high-efficiency cells and polymer protection. Very low weight. Size on demand.

Standard – for fixed installations

Download the data sheet:

Semi-flexible panels >

Outdoor bay

This outdoor cooling bay does not use air conditioning and is completely airtight to outdoor air. It is particularly suitable for harsh environments and low-power applications. Tailor-made for your needs.

Download the data sheet:

Outdoor cabinet bay> Double outdoor bay>


Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, efficient, providing more energy for demanding applications. 12/24/48V

Lead-acid batteries.

Fuel Cell

Fuel cells use natural gas including recycled sources, propane, methanol or hydrogen to provide energy from 350W up to several kW.

Hydrogen chain

The hydrogen chain makes it possible to convert energy into hydrogen and store hydrogen, in solid or compressed form, for months, in large quantities, in a small room on your site. When energy is needed, for example during the prolonged absence of sunlight, hydrogen will be converted back into energy in order to be usable.


From the initial study to the monitoring and maintenance of your installation, we follow you closely in your projects.

– Sizing studies

– Advise

– Installation

– Maintenance

– Administration / supervision

Whatever your goal: reliability, CO2 emission reduction, cost reduction; we can study a tailor-made solution.