Components & services

Our experts design as well as select the best hardware components available on the market, to use with our SAGES solutions. All these components are also available to buy separately. Contact us for a quote.

Solar Panels

We offer two types of solar panel.

Semi flexible – lightweight and easy to position, transport and store. Can be installed on cars, boats, tents or in a foldable structure to be used in the field.
Standard panels – for fixed installations – from a few kWp to several MWp solar farms.

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Semi-flexible solar >

Outdoor Cabinet

We are experts in advanced passive cooling of outdoor cabinets to be used in extreme conditions. We design and build the cabinet tailored to your needs.

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Outdoor cabinet >                         Duel bay outdoor cabinet >


We supply advanced Li-Ion (lithium) batteries—which are rechargeable and have a much better ability to store energy than standard batteries. We also provide long life Lead Acid batteries

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Cp Li-Iion battery >                  48V Li-Ion battery  >

Fuel Cell

Fuel cells are an efficient, quiet and clean way of supplying power. A fuel cell runs on Natural gas, Propane, Methanol or Hydrogen gas, as fuel – which can be made from recycled waste. We combine gas with storage and inverters to deliver power

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Propane fuel cell >                     Methanol fuel cell >

Hydrogen Chain – energy conversion, storage and production

From the beginning we have worked with the hydrogen chain that converts energy into hydrogen using electrolysis and securely stores it in large quantities for several months. When needed, the hydrogen is converted back into electricity using a fuel cell. We are experts in this field and can deliver customised, practical solutions to fit your needs.


From the initial scope of work to development, delivery and maintenance, we work hand in hand with you.

– Dimensioning

– Advice

– Installation

– Maintenance

– Administration / supervision

Whether your objective is ultimate reliability, to reduce your current C02 emissions, cost reduction or to minimize logistical maintenance when time is precious, we can help you